Don’t get embarrassed if your co-workers catch you dancing and working at the same time, it’s not Kelly’s fault that Today’s Best Music puts that movin’ and groovin’ in you from 10am-3pm on Y101.  It’s just the way it happens when Kelly’s at work with you.

Kelly’s career in radio started almost six years ago in cold, cold Minnesota.  When the opportunity to move to sunny California came, Kelly kissed her family good-bye, packed up everything that would fit into her car and bolted to the Central Valley.  Yes, she goes back to visit her family whenever possible, but will fully admit it’s always nice to come back home; the Central Valley.    Kelly is the gal that always has to know what’s going on, whether it’s who’s dating who in the celebrity world or the event that you and your family cannot miss over the weekend or what you missed on Dancing With the Stars last night.

When she’s done keeping you company at work you might find Kelly at the gym working on her fitness (thank you Fergie for that line), catching a movie or shopping at RiverPark, curling up on the couch with a glass of wine watching cheesy reality television, hanging out with friends in Old Town Clovis or rocking out to a show in Tower.