California-based film and TV productions will soon be allowed to get back to work

Film and television productions in California will soon be able to send their people back to work, several months after the coronavirus pandemic shuttered operations across the country and internationally. The new guidance from the California Department of Public Health states that TV, film and music productions in the state can resume on June 12,…MORE

YouTube is hosting a star-studded tribute to the class of 2020 this weekend

YouTube Originals is celebrating the class of 2020 in style with a star-studded group of commencement speakers — headlined by former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama — and performers honoring this year’s graduates. The four-plus hour event is being called “Dear Class of 2020,” and it is meant to serve as an…MORE

Stephen Colbert calls out violent police tactics at protests

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is weighing in on the treatment of peaceful protestors at nationwide demonstrations against police brutality and systematic racism. Colbert commented on the use of rubber bullets by law enforcement at some of these events, calling them “more bullet than rubber,” adding that they “maim, blind and even kill.” “That’s why…MORE

Bruce Lee gets a fitting tribute, as ‘Be Water’ looks at Asians and Hollywood

Bruce Lee isn’t an obvious fit for ESPN, beyond the fact lots of people enjoyed his action movies. Yet “Be Water” proves an excellent addition to the network’s lineup of documentaries to fill the sports void, examining the martial-arts star’s legacy and the circuitous, discrimination-marred path he followed to his too-short stardom. Like a handful…MORE

Elisabeth Moss again outshines the movie as a troubled writer in ‘Shirley’

Elisabeth Moss has a knack for being interesting even in so-so movies and continues to pick varied and challenging roles. Enter “Shirley,” a strange, gothic look at “The Haunting of Hill House” author Shirley Jackson, which owes an overt debt to the mismatched couples — young and wide eyed meets older and squabbling — in…MORE

Cate Blanchett has cut her head with a chainsaw during lockdown — but she’s OK

Australian actress Cate Blanchett has said she cut her head with a chainsaw during an accident at home during lockdown. But the Oscar-winning star only suffered a “little nick to the head” and is OK following the bizarre incident, she added. Speaking with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Blanchett said: “I had a bit…MORE

Kanye West donates $2 million, pays college tuition for George Floyd’s daughter

Kanye West has made a $2 million donation to support the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, a representative for West told CNN. The donation includes funding for legal fees for Arbery and Taylor’s families, along with black-owned businesses in crisis in his native Chicago and other cities. West’s representative said he…MORE

Stars support John Boyega following rousing Black Lives Matter speech

Filmmakers and actors including Jordan Peele and Olivia Wilde are standing by John Boyega after he delivered a rousing speech at a Black Lives Matter protest on Wednesday. The “Star Wars” actor rallied crowds at the large demonstration in London’s Hyde Park following the death of George Floyd, telling activists that “now is the time”…MORE

‘Dear…’ and ‘2040’ look for rays of hope amid dark times

Amid dark times, a pair of projects premiere this weekend that offer elusive rays of hope. Apple TV+ introduces “Dear…,” a series profiling famous people and their positive impact on the lives of others, while the documentary “2040” explores the possibility of achieving progress on climate change in time to benefit the filmmaker’s four-year-old daughter,…MORE